Bookkeeping & Payroll

Keeping up to date with your bookkeeping is of the utmost importance.  Many business owners just don’t have the time and then find themselves in a situation where VAT returns need to be completed and the books are a few months out of date.  So, at the end of the day, instead of relaxing with a glass of red, or a hot mug of tea – you find yourself pulling an all nighter like you did back in Uni and vow to yourself that you WILL do the books every day… next VAT period rolls around and guess what!! Same scenario… quite frankly though you have far better things to concentrate on, yes, like making money.

Help is on the way!

I’m one of those strange individuals that enjoys taking a bunch of papers and turning them into easy to understand reports. Unfortunately it’s not just about making sense of bits of paper – there are a host of ever changing legislations to contend with as well.  Fear not – I’m just as keen on keeping up with this as I am with those bits of paper!

My role as a Bookkeeping service provider is to assist clients with keeping their accounts running smoothly and I do that well.

My involvement is as much or as little as you need – I have a flexible approach and understand that each client will have different needs.  We sit down and work out what will work best for you and I action on that.

My fees are refreshingly affordable and a full scope of work is agreed with you before starting on your books.

You can choose to have your books done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly with your VAT period or annually if not VAT registered. I will also liaise with your Accountant and prepare a thorough year end file with more than enough time to spare for them to prepare your Financials, Corp Tax, etc.

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