Welcome to Ravenridge!

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Welcome to Ravenridge!

January 21, 2019 General 1

A hearty welcome to Ravenridge Business Services Ltd.

Ravenridge is a small business located in the stunningly beautiful little town of Chudleigh in the South West. My office is based on the third floor and has magnificent views stretching out over Dartmoor – on sunny days I can actually see Hator rock in the distance.  The peace and quiet is conducive to great work output and a happy bookkeeper is always a good thing 🙂

What I do here is make it easier for small business owners to keep up to date with their cumbersome admin/accounting related tasks. It’s something I have been doing for over 30 years and I love that accounting just makes sense, everything is in balance – black and white – NO grey areas.  My mind is terribly organised and I guess this was definitely the right career choice for me.

In terms of my experience, I have worked in both Practice and the Private sector and have found that this has given me a far clearer view in terms of what is expected from clients and their Accountants.  Generally it would be assumed that your end of year accounting fees should be reasonably reduced as your books will be year end ready.  I would spend time chatting with your accountant as well to find out just how they like books to be presented.

I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple and have set up the procedures here to be as efficient as possible, this is great for my clients as they always receive easy to understand reports, regular updates on changing legislation that affects them and other bits of information that may be useful.

I have a number of cloud based accounting options for my clients – I believe in choice and although I am Quickbooks Online certified, I support Xero, Kashflow, Free Agent and Sage One as well.

I understand that each client has different needs and part of the initial consultation is to gauge exactly what is required – fee estimates are then drawn up based on that information – so essentially your fees would be tailored to your needs.

In terms of how the work is carried out – I do the work myself, having done this for many years I am pretty quick without compromising accuracy and can probably process faster than some half my age … experience lol!!

The most common question from prospective clients is about how documentation is received and handled –

My clients have a number of options of sending documents:

  • Regular Post
  • Email
  • Dropbox – we would have a shared folder
  • Collection/Drop Off if you are within a 10 mile radius

I am the only person who would have access to the data and everything would be maintained neatly at my offices as part of the year end handover to your accountant.

Management Reports are sent out as soon as is possible and will be comprehensive and will always be accompanied by notes.  A Skype meeting can always be arranged if you prefer ‘face to face’ reporting.  Again, it all depends on the clients needs.

I am happy to further discuss any questions you may have, please feel free to contact me either via my website, email or telephonically. I am always happy to hear from clients and prospective clients alike.

Onwards & Upwards, till next time