Bookkeeping & Payroll

Payroll is another core service I offer my clients.

Due to the very complex legislation surrounding Payroll in the UK, many clients prefer to outsource this function.

I use a lovely HMRC approved programme called Bright Pay – Bright Pay offers comprehensive payroll capabilities and is fully geared towards Auto Enrollment, submitting returns to HMRC gateway and reporting.  It is a well priced software offering and enables me to keep my payroll cost to client reasonable. Their support and popularity is really fantastic and is hands down better than many similar products out there.

At Ravenridge, I offer a standard managed payroll service. Please do note however that we do not pay your staff or HMRC – we will provide you with the necessary reports and you will have to arrange payment yourself.

I would insist on receiving your payroll figures at minimum two days before pay day to ensure all information is provided.

Fees are generally calculated at a cost per payslip and includes all reports, auto enrollment maintenance & PAYE return submission to HR.  There will be a once off ‘Take On’ fee – this is for setting up the system for your company and adding all historical data for the financial year if you are joining us part way through the year.  The set up cost will be less if we set you up from the first day of the payroll year.

A full quotation will be given prior to commencement of any work.